Perfect Balance

A medical consultation practice dedicated to restoring men and woman’s optimal balance through nutrition, life style, supplements & bio identical hormones

Judith Crabtree has been a Woman’s Health Care provider for over 40 years. She brings a wealth of compassion, knowledge and clinical experience in meeting the many changes through a woman’s reproductive to menopausal lifespan. She worked for many years in reproductive endocrinology. She is currently specializing in hormonal balance for men and women. Her holistic approach to creating a health plan incorporates nutrition, exercise, supplements and other life style changes. A customized treatment plan for each individual is formulated with the use of genetic screening, comprehensive laboratory studies and a detailed personal and family history. The goal of her practice is to restore the patient to a balanced center physically, mentally and emotionally. She also provides yearly health screening management, annual medication refills, contraceptive services, and interstitial cystitis diagnosis and management. 

“Achieving and maintaining hormone balance is a dynamic process that isn’t taught in the traditional classroom. Judith Crabtree, NP has learned this art and science through years of practice and personal experience. Having had the pleasure of working with her for several years, I know the high level of care and compassion she provides. She sets the standard that others are trying to achieve.” – Robert A Green Reproductive Endocrinologist MD

That rarest of resources in my orthopedic practice is an expert consultant who can pin down and treat the fatigue, aches and pains, mood problems, sleep issues and general ‘bad life syndrome’ so common today in everyone from baby boomers to millennials. Judith Crabtree F.N.P. is not only expert at identifying women’s (and men, too) health issues, but more so at calming down these frequent symptoms of hormonal imbalance and epigenetic failure, she really empathizes with her patients in an exceptional manner which often enables them to ‘get their lives back on track.’ 5 stars, highly recommended.  – Daniel Bullock M.D., Orthopedic Surgeon